Cutlery Polishing Machine – Electronic

C&S Rösler-Series – Made in Germany, for maximum requirements


  • electronic display
  • extremely dense and correspondingly PUR coating
  • stainless steel radiator with cover plate for direct granulate heating
  • lower noise generation
  • GS certification
  • short setup time – ready for use after 5 min.
  • UVC lamp function monitor
  • integrated operating hours counter module to allow for precise replacement intervals of the granular material
  • „automatic overrun“: the machine will switch off automatically after the termination of the granular material drying process


Our service:

  • incl. 1.–5. years free maintenance-checks in the first to fifth year
  • 48 h spare parts service
  • all spare parts in stock





  • restaurants from 50 meals/day
  • hotels up to 200 beds without banquet
  • small Caterina/Events


  • up to 3000 parts/h
  • 1 granulate filling 2,5 kg = 35,- EUR
  • 565 x 510 x 360 mm (LWH)
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • 230V, 570W, 3A
  • <75 db 50/60 Hz



  • solid stainless steel base and holder for cutlery basket in set
  • different soundproofing boxes


  • restaurants from 5300 meals/day
  • hotels up to 200 beds with banquet
  • small Caterina/Events
  • as a connected dryer for RCC 1


  • up to 7000 parts/h
  • 1 granulate filling 4 kg = 45,- EUR
  • 650 x 600 x 790mm (LWH)
  • Weightt: 90 kg
  • 230V, 610W, 3A
  • <75 db 50/60 Hz



  • soundproofing box
  • conveyor
  • transfer chute

Shiny cutlery

  • All applicable hygiene and safety regulations are complied with.
  • Limestone stains are reliably eliminated. 
  • Traces of detergent are removed by means of an electric blow.
  • A UV-lamp safely kills bacteria.
  • Uniform shine on all surfaces is the result.

High profitability

  • By using the C&S Rösler-Series in your company you noticeably reduce your operating and personnel costs and the drying time of your cutlery.
  • The cutlery is immediately ready to use.
  • The machines are very easy to clean and shine thanks to an above-average low energy consumption.

Sophisticated operation

  • High running smoothness and low noise generation as well as a mechanism that allows smooth feeding of the cutlery are among the basic features.
  • The cutlery does not get stuck in each other and remains free of scratches.
  • A thermostat probe regulates the temperature and ensures a longer shelf life of the eco-granulate, which on average has to be changed every eight weeks.


In cooperation with the company Rösler, the leading manufacturer of industrial sliding grinding technology, we have developed the top product among the cutlery polishing machines in recent years.


The years of experience of both companies combined have led to these innovative new machines. We pass on our confidence in this product to our customers by granting a 5-year warranty on the products from the C&S Rösler series.


The machines of the C&S Rösler series offer you further positive properties in addition to the well-known advantages of our cutlery polishing machine (see above).



From left to right: For the C&S  Rösler 3000 is a solid stainless steel base plus holder for the cutlery basket available as a set. A soundproof box is available for both models, which significantly reduces the volume. The C&S  Rösler 7000 can be used with a conveyor belt incl. spray nozzle (for the automatic cutlery feeder). A transfer slide or conveyor belt can be used for connection to the RCC1 and RCC2 cutlery cleaning systems.

Free testing 

Make use of our free testing offer, that we have been offering for years and convince yourself of the quality and performance of our products in your own rooms.

Not binding and free!


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Media & spare parts service

The granules of your machine must be replaced ca. every eight weeks to ensure optimal results. You can order granules cheaply and quickly from us – this also applies to spare parts:

Immediately available from stock


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